Now’s the time to support local food

Hey local foodies,

While the plants are sleeping and snow covers much of the fields and pastures of our region; while we eat imported food and savor the remnants of last year’s harvest; while we wait in anticipation for that first leafy green…

Now is the time to support local food.

I know, it’s January! And that’s the point. Community Supported Agriculture (or CSA) programs are changing the way local farmers connect with people who eat. CSA’s (and their smaller-scale sister, NSA’s) allow us to pay our farmers directly for the delicious food they grow and raise.

But here’s the deal: for it to work, the farmer must pre-sell shares in the farm. This raises the capital needed to buy seeds, plant them in the spring and pay for the labor it requires to grow our awesome local food.

This puts the economic power into the hands of farmers and the people who love healthy food. Instead of a farmer taking out a bank loan to finance their farming, they raise the cash directly: costing them less and ensuring that more of our resources go into growing healthy food.

Breaking the debt cycle that currently burdens farmers is a vital step to building a resilient local food system. And all of us can participate.

Find a local CSA/NSA program near you at Here in Denver, I recommend Grant Family Farms and Urbiculture Farms…although there are dozens to choose from. Now’s the time to commit your food dollars to the farmers who grow your food. Don’t be intimidated by the up-front cost: do the math and see how much value you’re getting for your dollar.

Now’s the time to do our part. And here’s a fun little video that talks more about the important relationships between healthy food, the folks who grow it, and those of us who love to eat:


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  1. I loved your video. I grew up in Lakewood, used to play in Washington Park, and sit on the board of Local First here in my state. What a great marketing tool for CSA. Thanks for sharing.


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