Home Canning Resources

Although I’ve posted a few random instructions and resources for home canning, I wanted to share some of the good sites and info I’ve found for home canning.

I’ve never done pressure-cooking canning to date, but at some point I will likely venture into the pressure canner world to preserve soups and low-acid vegetables like pumpkins.

Here are links to sites I’ve used:

  • General instructions for water bath canning
  • Simple instructions and recipes with lots of photos. This site has *annoying* graphics, but I’ve found lots of good info and great step by step photos. If you can overlook the comicsans type, you’ll find great resources.
  • A list of general canning tips – canning gets easier with practice, and as you learn the principles of canning. We’ve reduced our processing time significantly as we’ve learned how much water to prepare, or how to keep the jars hot, or how to maximize space.
  • The National Center for Home Food Preservation‘s web site is sort of well organized and has additional info about freezing and drying food at home. The language & organization is very academic, but the information is high quality, especially the articles on seasonal food & safety tips. Check out this article on preserving apples.
  • And finally, the Ball Canning web site has step-by-step instructions and videos for canning and adjusting timing for altitude.

This season, we’ve canned 30 quarts of sweet & dill pickles, 10 quarts of tomatoes, 20 quarts tomato sauce, 10 quarts of peaches, 7 quarts of applesauce, and an untold number of jams with cherries, plums, apples, pears and peaches. Our shelves are full of fruits of vegetables that grew in nearby soil, was handpicked by people I know, and will now provide tasty deliciousness for several months. We’re already looking forward to next season, more pickles, and the awesome opportunity to create, preserve and share food that is healthy and good for our soil and ourselves. Yum.


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