Denver City Council Supports Local Food

A few weeks ago, the Denver City Council adopted a resolution supporting local food. Although on one hand this doesn’t directly translate to new zoning laws or change the way people eat, it is a step in the right direction. The more we talk about food and how it’s grown, the more we can work together toward food systems that nourish ourselves and our planet.

Here’s a video of the City Council meeting where the proclamation was read and discussed by several members of the Council. I don’t know about you, but when an elected official says, ‘growing and sharing food with neighbors is a sacred act,’ I get very excited. Perhaps we can have healthier food systems.

In any case, here’s the link: The grow local proclamation starts at 23:52, and there’s even a part where I talk about local food and the economy at 40:30. (and if someone is able to capture and edit this video to just the food piece, I would be extremely grateful)


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