Greens and Beans

A common challenge this time of season is what to do with all the kale that keeps showing up in our CSA box. Our farm grows two kinds of kale – the standard curly edge kind, and Tuscan kale, which has narrower leaves and has a bluer tint.

Prior to being a CSA member, my only exposure to kale was when I worked at Ruby Tuesday’s, where kale is used as a garnish on almost every dish. The kale is washed with mayonnaise-water prior to use to help turn the leaves a dark green. I have washed so much kale in mayonnaise water that I can still smell it. (gross)

There are a few restaurants in town that serve steamed kale, and despite my attempts at liking this stong-flavored green, I hadn’t found a way to eat kale that I enjoyed. My strategy thus far has been to give it away as much as possible.

So last night, with another two bundles of kale in my refrigerator, I decided to try the Tuscan kale with beans for a simple yet wholesome meal. And it was delicious! Here’s what I did:

Greens and Beans

Heat a can of pinto beans in saucepan; add cumin. In separate pan, saute a small amount of garlic in olive oil. Add rinsed and chopped kale to pan, stirring to prevent sticking. Add a small amount of bragg’s amino acids to the pan and cover with a lid. Saute kale until dark green and tender, but don’t overcook. Remove from heat and add a bit of lemon juice.

When beans are hot, drain water and add to bowl; shred a little mild-flavored cheese on top and add the greens to the bowl.

The light flavor of the pintos did a great job of balancing the strong flavor of the kale. mmmm!


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